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About Scholor's Pride Academy

Scholar’s Pride Academy. All have the opportunity to develop their individual abilities and discover talents they never knew they possessed. This is the discipline in our school campus. Ask parents to write or draw a picture of the "school", and some ideas will emerge like: appealing, authentic, aptitude, ascending natured school. After spending a lot of time thinking about that beautiful, shimmering image of school the stunning successful inspiration flaunt that the " Scholar’s Pride Academy " is now one of the largest community of the schools, delivering best educative communications through their services to the children.

With excellence in educational qualities the Globalization and Internationalization are always tinkling the beauty of this new era school with the facility of labs, dining hall, excellent sports facilities and hi-tech classrooms. "Today's education is tomorrow's future of the child" - aiming this concept, Our professionals' team tag along the progress of each child in every bit of facet to the learning. On the basis of skills and capabilities of the child; we bring in the varied methodologies for overcoming the lapse of concept clarity followed by disinterest towards the subject. Our special educators and counselors always be ready to this context. We provide remedial intervention on one to one basis or in small group sessions. In regard to emphasize the universal and qualitative education amongst students we always try to facilitate the child with the best in all areas.

Our Facilities

  • 1. Qualified and trained faculty.
  • 1. Class Room
  • 1. Smart Classes
  • 2. Facilities of Dance, Music and Yoga Classes.
  • 3. R.O. Water
  • 4. Transportation
  • 5. Strict Vigilance by CCTV Cameras.
  • 6. Playground
  • 7. Well equipped Science Lab. & rich stocked Library.

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Principal's Message (Mrs. Gulshan Yadav)

A child is full of wonders. For him there is a lot to explore and a lot more to discover. We as their guardians need to provide them a favorable environment which nurtures their curiosity and creativity. At Scholar’s Pride Academy, we work tirelessly to build and strengthen character that will not crumble when tested in the crucible of life, and to develop qualities of good leadership that can be employed in the future for the creation of a superior nation.

We believe in nurturing Multiple Intelligences and honing life-skills as our constant endeavor to shape well-rounded personalities. A Scholor's Pride Academy will not only have the essential skills but also the veracious set of attitudes and principles that will make him a contributing citizen of the international community. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." This is in our philosophy at the Scholar’s Pride Academy where we attempt to bring about a constructive transformation across the globe by creating minds that are ever-evolving, ever-excelling and ever-righteous. We welcome you all to be partners in this journey of excellence.

Director's Message (Mr. S.P. Yadav)

The true purpose of education is building individuals who can be an asset to a generation. Knowledge should ideally be seasoned with values, awareness & social responsiveness. With time knowledge should also graduate towards wisdom that comes with experience and finally when all three come together we have individuals who can inspire an era & beyond.

I congratulate the hardworking team of the Principal & teachers who under the guidance of the Principal, (Mrs. Gulshan Yadav) is giving a podium/Dias/Pedestal to students in form of Scholar’s Pride Academy that reflects the talents, ambitions, aspirations & strengths of Scholor's Pride Academy.

School is indeed a mirror of praise worthy achievements and positive energy of students in fields of academics cultural and sports under the inspired environment of discipline, dedication, devotion & determination. My heartfelt congratulations to the Principal, Staff and Students in their endeavour for the meaningful & successful life.

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